State Specific Action Plan on Water (SSAP-Water)

         3.  MOU between NWM/ NERIWALM and Knowledge Institution identified by State Government.

         4.  Roles, Responsibilities and functions of various Authorities

         5.  State level: Implementation and Monitoring
                a. Implementation & Monitoring- Composition of State Level Steering and Monitoring Committee.
                b. State Wise Steering and Monitoring Committees. 
                c.  State Wise Nodal Department, Institution and Officers. 
                d. Monthly monitoring format to be submitted by States.
                e. Progress report of SSAP-Water/ State Water Budgeting- State wise

          6.  NWM level: Monitoring and Technical Evaluation Committee

          7.  Checklist of SSAP-Water Activities.

          8.  Model State level SSAP-Water Inception Workshop and stakeholders to be invited.

          9.  Brainstorming Sessions undertaken for the development of State Water Budget Model Template

        10.  Workshops on SSAP-Water
               a. 5
th June 2017: National Orientation on STATE/UT SPECIFIC ACTION PLAN FOR WATER SECTOR
               b. 23 rd October 2017: National Consultation to 

        11.  SSAP-Water Model Templates
                a.  Part-1: State Water Budgeting for Water Security, Safety and Sustainability Dated 23 rd October 2017
                b.  Part-II: Assessment and Action Plan on
Climate Change.
                c.  Part-III:
SSAP-Water for 20150

       12.  NWM communication with Central Ministries

       13.  NWM communication with Knowledge Institutions

       14.  NWM communication with State Governments on SSAP-Water / State Water Budgeting

       15.  NWM communication with  Private Sectors 

       16. Presentations on SSAP-Water / State Water Budgeting

        17. SSAP - Water Image Gallery.