Strategy III.1

Expeditious implementation of water resources projects


Major, Medium & ERM Projects


At the end of the XI plan 326 Major and Medium irrigation projects which include 148 Major, 138 Medium and 40 ERM irrigation projects were under construction. Against the target irrigation potential of 10.1 Mha in XII plan   under AIBP creation, upto March, 2014 was 1.04 Mha which includes created potential of 0.46 Mha during 2012-13 and 0.58 Mha during 2013-14. Programme of implementation is being monitored by CWC.


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Scheme of National Projects


The Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR, RD & GR) had issued guidelines for implementation of scheme of National projects which is further modified by the MoWR, RD & GR on 29.08.2012 to include extension, renovation and modernization projects envisaging restoration of lost potential of 2 lakh hectares or more under the national projects category.


The Government of India has already identified 16 projects as National projects, out of these four projects are under execution. Polavaram irrigation project has been included under the scheme vide Gazette Notification dated 01 March, 2014. Lakhwar Multipurpose Project has been accepted by the Advisory Committee and investment Clearance is awaited. Six projects viz Renuka, Kishau, Ujh, Ken Betwa link Ph-I, Noa-Dihang and Kulsi dam are under appraisal in CWC/CEA. twoprojects namely Bursar and Gyspa are at DPR preparation / finalization stage. Remaining two projects namely 2nd Ravi Beas link project and Upper Siang Project are at conceptual stage.


Sl No

Name of the Project (State)

Year-wise Central Assistance released under scheme of National Project (Amt. In Rs crores)



Gosikhurd Irrigation Project (Maharashtra)

2008-09 (450.00)

2009-10 (720.00)

2010-11 (1412.94)

2011-12 (NIL)

2012-13 (405.00)

2013-14 (NIL)

Total = 2987.94

A proposal to release the first instalment of Central grant of Rs. 225.19 crore for 2014-15 was recommended by CWC in Aug, 2014.



Teesta Barrage Project (West Bengal)

2009-10 (NIL)

2010-11 (81.00)

2011-12 (97.20)

2012-13 (NIL)

2013-14 (NIL)

Total= 178.20




No grant released thereafter


Saryu Nahar Pariyojana (Uttar Pradesh)

2012-13 (67.98)

2013-14 (380.75)

2014-15 (210.85)

Total= 659.59

A proposal for 2nd instalment of Rs 248.355 crore for 2014-15 was recommended by CWC in February, 2015.



Shahpur Kandi (Punjab)

2009-10 (10.80)

2010-11 (15.236)

2011-12 (NIL)

2012-13 (NIL)

2013-14 (NIL)

Total= 26.036


No grant released thereafter


Indira Sagar Polavaram Project (Andhra Pradesh)


Rs 304.472 crore was recommended by CWC for reimbursement on the expenditure  by State Government for 2014-15.




Programme of implementation is being monitored  by MoWR, RD & GR and CWC.